how much is insurance for a small business per month

How Much Is Insurance For a Small Business Per Month

Small company insurance coverage prices anywhere from concerning $14 to $124 a month, depending upon which kinds you acquire – basic liability, commercial property, organization disruption insurance coverage, inland aquatic, virtual obligation and/or employees settlement. If you purchase all these coverage types, you would likely pay around $340 a month.

Here’s an overview of exactly how these costs break down and which variables influence rates the most when you’re buying the most effective small company insurance.

Business Insurance Costs at a Glance

Type of policy Average monthly cost Average annual cost
General liability insurance $30 $360
Commercial property insurance $63 (median) $756 (median)
Inland marine insurance $14 (median) $169 (median)
Cyber liability insurance $123.75 $1,485
Business interruption insurance $40 $480
Workers compensation $70 $840
Total average cost: $340.75 $4,090

Average cost of small-business insurance

Here are the average costs of business insurance as reported by several different insurance companies.

Types of coverage

Average monthly cost from Progressive

Average monthly cost from Insureon

Average monthly cost from The Hartford

General liability insurance




Business owner’s policy




Workers’ compensation insurance




Commercial auto insurance


$142 (median, not average).

No data.

Professional liability insurance



No data.

What identifies company insurance coverage costs?

  • Company dimension and also number of employees
  • Claims background
  • Area
  • Industry

Business insurance costs explained over are standards. You may pay premiums above or listed below that range. There are a range of variables that influence what you pay for your service insurance. Right here are a few of one of the most important variables:

Company dimension as well as variety of workers

When scaling your business, the bigger it grows, the extra you can anticipate to pay for service insurance policy protections. Every sale you make, employee you employ, as well as possession you obtain (including vehicles and building) is another possibility for something to go wrong; your insurance coverage prices will mirror this.

Cases history

If an insurer sees that your business has actually made lots of cases in the past, they might see you as a risky client and elevate your regular monthly rate. To stay clear of putting your service right into this position, carry out and adhere to safety precautions to reduce the threats of accidents.


Your business place also impacts how much you spend for company insurance policy coverages. Some states might need you to acquire specific sorts of insurance policy that are optional in other places. For example, law practices in Oregon have to have specialist responsibility insurance coverage. You may also see greater organization insurance prices in higher-risk areas (like cities for industrial automobile insurance policy) or locations where regular company procedures are much more costly overall.


Different types of businesses encounter various type of dangers. An eye doctor’s private practice might need expert liability insurance policy to shield versus carelessness cases, while a flower shop could need business auto insurance policy to cover accidents involving their delivery truck. Businesses in industries with greater threat of injury (including electric having, logging, as well as fishing) will certainly additionally likely pay a lot more in workers’ payment insurance.

Cost Factors for General Liability Insurance

Our consumers paid an average of concerning $88 a month for basic responsibility insurance policy.2 Additionally known as organization liability insurance policy, it assists cover insurance claims that your company created bodily injury or residential property damage.

Keep in mind, prices differ and it’s no various when it pertains to general liability insurance coverage prices. This includes your:

  • Sales: The more clients your company has, the even more danger you deal with for claims. This can raise your general responsibility insurance coverage expense. Yet if you keep a safe location for your clients, it can stop insurance claims and keep your insurance costs down.
  • Industry: Even more harmful industries require danger management. This can lead to greater expenses.
  • Location: Being in a much more booming location can enhance your danger of customer injury. So, your insurance price might increase.

Cost Aspects for Employees’ Settlement Insurance Policy

According to our plan data, a lot of our customers with less than $300,000 in payroll pay approximately $70 a month for workers’ settlement insurance coverage. This is an insurance coverage that a lot of states require.3 It helps your staff members recoup from a work-related injury or ailment.

The aspects that insurance firms make use of to determine your workers’ payment expense include your:

  • Type of job: Specific kinds of markets placed employees at a higher danger of injury or disease.
  • Insurance claims background: Even if your business has just a few employees’ comp claims, it’s most likely that you run a safe office. So, this can reduce your employees’ compensation expense.
  • Payroll: Your expense is calculated per $100 of payroll. So, the larger your pay-roll, the greater your prices.

Cost Elements for Specialist Responsibility Insurance Policy

Expert obligation insurance coverage aids secure you from claims that your company slipped up or error in the expert services provided. Some elements that can impact your specialist liability insurance coverage price include your:

  • Number of staff members: For the most part, services with more employees pay greater costs for expert responsibility coverage.
  • Exposure to take the chance of: If your company offers greater priced services or handles high value possessions or sensitive details, you can anticipate to pay more for a specialist responsibility policy. This is because of the better potential for insurance claims.

Inland Marine Insurance Cost

Inland aquatic insurance policy secures your service if something happens to your property or products while en route. This could include items being delivered to or from your service, or residential or commercial property used for work objectives (such as lawnmowers or video camera devices).

The mean expense of inland marine insurance is $14 a month or $169 a year, according to Insureon. This is for a $5,000 protection restriction.

Insureon found that a $5,000 insurance coverage limitation is most popular option among its clients for those in the landscaping, cleaning, installation and also building and construction sectors.

By comparison, professional photographers and videographers typically select an $86,000 policy limitation (which has a $580 median yearly premium), while engineers and also designers purchase higher insurance coverage restrictions.

What factors impact inland aquatic insurance coverage costs?

There’s one main aspect that influences inland aquatic insurance coverage: Devices or item prices. Local business owners that require to transport pricey tools or items can anticipate to pay greater premiums.

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Estimated small business insurance costs

The first policy that many local business owner require – as well as likewise the least costly one – is general liability insurance In an evaluation of 28,000 small business proprietors’ business insurance plan acquired with Insureon, the median cost of a general liability plan was $42 each month or $500 annually.

The average cost of a local business owner’s policy (BOP), which packages basic liability insurance coverage with business home coverage at a price cut, was $53 monthly or $636 yearly.

The table below programs median and typical month-to-month costs for common small company insurance policies. The typical much better represents what you are likely to pay when discussing insurance coverage costs since it omits exceptionally high and low premiums.

Mean and also ordinary monthly prices of local business insurance. 

Policy Median cost Average cost
General liability $42/month $65/month
Business owner’s policy (BOP) $53/month $99/month
Professional liability (E&O) $59/month $97/month
Workers’ compensation $47/month $111/month
Commercial umbrella $75/month $129/month

How much does business insurance cost per year?

Typically, company owner purchase insurance coverage on a yearly basis with a monthly premium in order to be shielded whenever a task occurs. Nonetheless, if you have a consistent stream of jobs year-round, paying for an annual insurance coverage upfront is the most cost-effective method to get local business insurance coverage. It can likewise aid you get more business. When people know that you’re insured, they feel a lot more confident that they will certainly be cared for if a mishap takes place.

Thimble’s typical consumers:

  • Pay regarding $487 each year for basic liability insurance
  • Pay around $520 annually for professional obligation insurance coverage, which is often offered together with basic responsibility insurance policy
  • Pay $725 per year for BOP, which packages general responsibility insurance policy and commercial residential or commercial property insurance policy
  • Pay an extra $150 for CCC coverage

It’s ideal to get a quote for your business to see precisely what you’ll pay. Your service’ certain information and insurance deductible will certainly affect your premium, which we’ll talk about later.

How much does small company insurance policy cost monthly?

If you need insurance coverage for more than a couple of weeks in the month, you’re likely far better off paying for a regular monthly plan. You’ll get the advantage of having coverage when you need it, and you won’t be rushing to buy insurance coverage when you need to concentrate on work. In addition, lots of essential optional coverages are only offered on monthly policies.

Here are the typical monthly costs of Thimble’s small business insurance coverage:

Monthly small business insurance cost

Coverage Premium
General liability insurance $41
Professional liability insurance $43
Care, custody, and control (CCC) $13
Business Equipment Protection Starts at $6; $23 + general liability insurance
Business Owners Policy (BOP) $60

Monthly small business insurance cost

Activity Premium
Fitness instructor $85
DJ $87
Event planner $87
Wedding planner $87
Dog walker $89
Handyman/handywoman $112
Carpenter $120
Landscaper $120
Janitor $129
Cleaner $163

How do costs compare for different types of small business insurance?

The chart below shows median business insurance costs for TechInsurance customers. The median eliminates high and low outliers, which means it provides a better idea of what you can expect to pay than the average.

Keep in mind that your business might not fit the typical profile of a TechInsurance customer:

  • 80% have one or two employees
  • 61% have an annual revenue of less than $200,000
  • 64% have been in business for less than two years

How do costs compare for different types of small business insurance?

Tips to Keep Your Small Business Insurance Costs Lower

Maintain the following in mind to assist decrease your local business insurance prices.

  • Identify your threats: Make sure to extensively evaluate your business to recognize possible threats as well as just include those insurance plan that relate to you.
  • Collaborate with an independent agent: Small company insurance can be complicated. In addition, costs frequently vary considerably in between different insurance policy suppliers. An independent representative will certainly aid you navigate the industry and direct you toward the insurance firm with the most experience with your market and also with the most effective rates.
  • Bundle your plans: A lot of insurance companies will certainly offer discounted costs when you combine specific policies. The most common policy bundle is a business owners plan (BOP). As previously discussed, this typically consists of vital insurance policy coverage like general responsibility and also industrial home.
  • Invest in safety preventative measures: Often insurance companies will offer discounts for certain responsibility insurance coverage when you have specific safety and security actions in position. Some examples are using gatekeeper, installing a security system, fencings and lights, as well as premium locks. Have your representative talk to your carrier concerning what actions could be worth taking.
  • Contrast quotes: The same plan can have a really various price at different insurance companies. Make certain to get quotes from at least 3 different providers before making your decision.

Benefits of Having Small Business Insurance

While you might take into consideration local business insurance an aggravating expense, the moment something fails as well as the advantages begin, you will certainly be very grateful you made the financial investment.

In spite of your best shots, and also being as mindful as feasible with both your very own job as well as individuals you employ, crashes will happen or you may make a mistake, and you could be taken legal action against and also possibly located in charge of damages. Even if you win the situation, you will need to pay for legal fees, which are often considerable. A single claim could potentially erase your firm’s earnings or, depending upon the nature of your service, your individual finances. Additionally, the reputational damage from a lawsuit could result in losing existing customers or clients and make others think twice about your business. Small business insurance provides essential defense from these risks.

Furthermore, for certain industries, protection is called for in order to get a job. Having ample insurance might offer you a boost against rivals and boost your business. And even if you find yourself helping clients that do not need insurance coverage, they will really feel extra safe working with a correctly guaranteed firm.

Despite the annoyance of the expense, recognizing that you are protected from the worst-case situation offers you and also your staff members assurance. You will not excessively focus on what can happen, and can focus on the job itself as well as give the very best solution you can to your customers or clients.

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Why small business insurance is worth the cost

We know you do not wish to include another cost to your business budget, but service insurance is well worth what you spend. Think about some of these common cases:

  • A consumer slips and also damages his arm
  • A client affirms you missed a due date, triggering her an economic loss
  • A burglar swipes hundreds of bucks well worth of your service computers
  • A fire bursts out in your break space, harming your workplace and also tools and forcing you to shut business while you restore
  • An employee suffers a concussion falling from a ladder at the office

While insurance policy costs are something nobody loves to pay, a lot of small companies do not have the additional funds to handle a loss in the thousands of dollars. Without small company insurance coverage, you go to risk of needing a car loan or closing your doors if you can’t manage to pay a negotiation or fix an expensive piece of crucial (but expensive) tools. Small company liability insurance policy also supplies your legal protection as well as declares examination, which is essential even if you’re incorrectly implicated.

There’s no better time to get a quote to see just how budget-friendly small company insurance coverage can be. Thimble has made the process super simple for businesses of any dimension and at any kind of phase: Pick “Obtain a Quote” below or on our app to get going as well as get your policy in minutes.

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